Fore The Average Golfer

Our team brings a new approach to the game of golf


Hickory Golf Apparel is an Australian clothing company encouraging all things fun on and off the course. We’re just like you, the average golfer who loves nothing more than throwing down a few cold ones with their mates and sharing our love for the greatest game on earth. What began as humble beginnings on the 18th green, now sees Hickory being shipped Australiawide. As always - “Golf Responsibly”

Functional & Comfortable Golf Apparel

Our Products :

We create and design affordable golf clothing and accessories for the Australian weather on beyond. Our focus is to create fun, fashionable gear that can be worn in any situation.

Core Values:

This is what Hickory Golf is all about...
Have Fun! Golf is a hard game, and we can all get frustrated playing. But would you rather be at the office? Or playing golf with your mates…
Simple, Yet Unique: We are from simple, humble beginnings and this is reflected in our designs and products
Build a Country Club: Our goal is to introduce golf to the masses, and what better way to do it than golf days! Watch this space


Promoting the greatest game on earth fore the average player.